Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cave Climbing

This is near Taxco, Mexico. According to Mountain project, the easiest routes start at 5.11. More about climbing El Chonta here including this quote:

“we hopped on a lovely 5.11, El Aliado. This became our first lesson in El Chonta’s 3-d climbing: it felt hard for 5.11 until we realized we’d have to creatively use the person-sized tufas if we didn’t want to get vomit-launch pumped. The key was to stem, hip-scum, kneebar, logshimmy, and bear-hug, contriving shakeouts and even hands-off rests. Nicely pumped, we headed deeper to try Mala Fama’s first pitch, wonderfully steep climbing with a sitting rest on a tufa and two six-foot stalactites you have to rassle….We also triedJaguar (5.12+), with its notorious “jump” move: you must pounce jaguar-like four feet from one stalactite to the next…”




Petzl Roctrip Mexico 2010 - El Chonta Rodeo from Petzl-sport on Vimeo.

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