Monday, November 29, 2010

Climbing Rack Maintenance

This article explains how to clean and maintain your lead rack to prepare it for next season, now that winter is here. It is mostly about taking care of cams, so if you don’t have cams, go watch a movie instead of reading this. (Although, it does encourage you to mark each piece of your equipment. I have learned, that any item of climbing gear I have that’s not marked, belongs to Ron. A word to the wise.)


wed wing won said...

YES. all unmarked gear is Ron's, and this photo shows someone else with my stuff. That's probably why they didn't show their face in this photo... I'll find out who you are

Lisa said...

I miss you Ron.

Aaron said...

Ron, you are awesome. I hope you didnt get the 2011 Petzl catalog because there are a lot of people there with your gear. Really cool gear too. If you decide to go get your gear back, get two of each because I would like some too.