Friday, August 13, 2010

When Do You Call Yourself A Climber?

Quite a philosophical essay on what being a climber is at Rock And  Ice.

“Many people wonder when they can first call themselves a “real climber.” We live in a material society, where we’ve decided that the things we own say the most about who we are. If you own a harness, belay device and rock shoes, then you’re a climber. .. When you decide to call yourself a climber, I suppose you are one.”

[That seems an easy enough definition. So if I want to call myself an “eye surgeon” does that make me one?  - ed.] 

He has other definitions that are less self-referential and more objective. Read the whole thing.

Here’s another essay written by a 25 year old woman called “What I Love About Climbing.” A snippet:

“Climbing has saved my life over these past few months as sadness and pain and anxiety threatened to overcome me.  For that, I shall always be grateful, because imagining how, or indeed if, I could have coped without it, I am terrified of my own inner frailty.”


Lisa said...

Oh I know lots of folks that have gear in their closet, wouldn't call them climbers. That being said, when I climb with a group of 10 people for the first time, usually 2-3 are climbers, you can see it in their eyes right away.

Lisa said...
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Aaron said...

What a great article, it really makes you think about why you climb, how far you have come, and how much there that there is left to experiance.