Monday, August 2, 2010

The Big Gash

While Aaron and Ron went adventure climbing – looking for Olton’s Shoulder (I double dog dare them to post their story here) – Greg and I went off to find “The Big Gash” in the Black Hills. We did find it quite easily (considering the directions: “turn left at the 2nd big Ponderosa tree and follow a faint climbers’ trail.”)

This is a 15-20 foot wide canyon – at its base – with 100 foot walls on either side. Hard climbing – mostly 11s and 12s. Lots of overhangs. Well bolted.

102_0260Because I had forgotten to print up the online guidebook, I downloaded the mountainproject website onto my netbook. We took the netbook with us into the canyon. Here’s Greg comparing the virtual guidebook to the real rock.

Here’s Greg warming up on a 10a called “Warmgasm.” (We think it’s this climb. 102_0215It took us about 30 minutes to find the start.)







Here's Greg topping out on a 12a called “Beaver