Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Olton’s Shoulder

The twin buttress' Liaison and Olton's Shoulder is just right of center in this pic.



Waves is just right of center in this photo. Chopping Block is the "J" looking formation.Pic is from top of Olton's shoulder. 

This pic is the where we started up Liaison .

pics of Aaron and I climbing liaison and Olton's Shoulder

You can see it was a hard day of climbing for Aaron (Trad Leading) that he had to take a little nap before we rappelled down. It was a very adventurous climb and i totally recommend climbing this. but make sure you bring two 20' pieces of webbing with you.(there are no chains or anchors at the top.)


Lisa said...

So how did you get down? Or are you still up there?
Are you going to go there with me in September, Ronny?

wed wing won said...

we got down with one piece of webbing i brought up on liaison.
Olton's shoulder had some weathered sun baked frayed piece of webbing left up there so we used it.

Lisa said...

oh my! you boys need me to keep an eye on you!

richard said...

Thanks for the post, Ron