Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cordelette vs Accessory Cord

My dear friend A1 sets an elegant top rope anchor. There is no disputing the placement of the pro, or the beautiful knots. Really, I should have taken pictures. The shoelaces though... that was a matter for me to ponder...

There is a belabored , er I mean extensive, discussion here.

Now I realize this forum is just any other group of climbers yakking. I am fine now.
Really Aaron, I am serious, It was gorgeous (and strong).

I speak the truth, no sarcasm, cross my heart, jez boys are sooo sensitive

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Lisa said...

In case this post was unclear, what I am trying to say is, Aaron was right, I was wrong. I just wanted him to say those words every climber wants to hear. 7 kiloneutons.....