Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Sassy Answer to the Question

In response to Richard previous post " Why Men Climb" Chicks on Crag ponder the question, why women think men climbers are sexy. Makes me rethink this whole deal!

Maybe this is why so many climbing relationships go sour, women don’t realize how dirty and self centered climbers are… rockclimbergirl puts it right,

“Perhaps, such women don’t actually have exposure to the reality of extended periods of time without showers, the wounds we all incur from jamming our way up and stumbling out way down, and the particular loneliness that can come with being in such a stark, intimate setting with another human being who doesn’t seem to care much for you, other than as a weighted object that can hold a rope…”

rockclimbergirl’s interpretation of the results is a bit comical, especially when she talks about personal experience. Take a look at the results from the survey, and read rockclimbergirl’s blog [ and here – ed.]  for more about the source of this article. In the survey conducted, 41% men also found women climbers sexy. So we can agree climbing is a sexy sport, had I participated in the survey my first choice would have been women who climb, of course…

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