Friday, August 20, 2010

Climbing Clothing

I wanted to title this post “sexy climbing” but I was too afraid of what would show up on the Google. This is a post by Alex Johnson about her recent experience at the Salt Lake City Outdoor Retail Show, It ties into the two posts below Lisa and I made about sexy climbers.

It was also unbearably hot, as the desert usually is in August, and the scantily clad girls were out in full force. I understand how dreadful the summer heat can be, but some of the outfits are beginning to cross the line. It’s out of respect for my fellow female competitors, and the respect that I hope they have for themselves, that I wish for the provocative attire to be taken down a notch. Yes, we all know sex sells, and that sadly it seems the less you wear, the more you’re photographed. But I believe trying to gain publicity using your body is pushing our sport in a negative direction and it’s sincerely disappointing. My desire is for women climbers to be notarized for their personalities, ethics, morals, professionalism, etc. Much further down the list lands climbing ability or accomplishments, and never should seeking attention for clothing, or lack thereof, come into play.”

Read Alex’s whole post for the death-defying trip into the desert that she and her family took. They were trapped for hours in deep sand in Arches National Park. (Their car broke down in Kearney, Nebraska which is the only place I’ve ever had a car break down on a trip.)

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