Thursday, August 5, 2010


Making a transition between your thoughts and your actions, Arno Ilger says this:

“If you feel that the risk is appropriate.then take a deep breath, and exhale strongly while shaking your face. Blink your eyes a few times. This gets rid of any grimace and tunnel vision and heightens your overall state of awareness. Doing a few breaths this way creates physical and psychological signals that help transition you for the upcoming effort, heightening your state of arousal. This begins the shift of attention from thinking to doing.”


Here’s an interview with him about his new book:

“Throughout Espresso Lessons, you suggest there are two kinds of climbers: intuitive and analytical. What kind of a climber are you?

I tend towards intuitive. I tend to under-think and get myself in over my head. I am forced to sink or swim….Analytical climbers are the opposite. They get lost in over-thinking and are slow to take action. They will likely see a similar pattern in their lives.”

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