Friday, January 1, 2010

Setting Goals For 2010

OK, I am not a big believer in setting resolutions for the year. Because I always end up with something kinda lame brain like:

Get smarter

Be a good person

Do a kind deed for others

Pick up my clothes

Sort out the bottles from the cans

Figure out if 2010 should be pronounced “two thousand ten” or “twenty ten.” (I like the shorter version. So I’ll use that one. Look at me, I already finished one resolution for 2010!)

Don’t ramble on and on

But it certainly seems to help to set goals for climbing. I thought this post had a good process for setting climbing goals. A summary below but lots of details here.

“Write down 2-3 climbs you’d like to do THIS SEASON. These are going to be called performance goals. …You can also set training goals and process goals…. Set Short-Term Goals. Your whole season should not be built around doing just one project route. You should plan on ticking off 2-3 short-term goals per month…. Create Goals for Each Workout or Day of Climbing.”

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I could tell you that you are already smart and good and kind but everyone knows that.

If you still have to separate bottles from cans, you should move to a different town.

You should pick up your clothes. So should I.