Monday, January 11, 2010

More Training Ideas

This is an article from Climbing Magazine which details the training program Andy Raether used to climb Stockboy’s Revenge (5.14c FA).

“Whether at 5.11c or 5.13c, training high-intensity PE  one day a week, and then regular PE three days a week, will yield incredible results. Rest at least one day between each session, but don’t limit your training to the gym — use the crags, as well.

He uses a Treadwall and is a big fan of E-Stim for muscle stimulation.

I Googled “Treadwall” and came up with this. I Googled “E-stim” and…well I’m not going to show you what I found. (There’s a whole world out there I don’t know nuttin’ about.) You do it yourself. You’ll either thank me later or be put off your feed.

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Lisa said...

I don't know nothing about that either... I know more now, sad to sat. I like that last training post better. Tread wall looks kinda endless, with no fun old fear!