Monday, January 11, 2010

Bag O’ Fun/ Bag O’ Fear

Coiled Rope Royalty Free Stock ImagesI bought my new lead bag at Ikea (Bought not stole. It was $.59;  $.63 with tax.)

Now I can flake out the lead rope once and then just carry it around the gym to the different areas proud as a peacock.  (I did have to get new, matching blue climbing shoes. But, hey, they also match my belt.)

As you can see, Buddy is pretty impressed with how I’ve prepared it.

On one side, for those casual leads, I have a “Bag O’ Fun.” On that side there is space for sunglasses, Ipod and booze.

Bag O Fun

For those hard leads or sketched-out climbs you kinda don’t wanna make, but just know you should, I have the “Bag O’ Fear.” That side has space for a 1st aid kit, diapers (for after, you know?) and booze.

bag o fear 

So now, when you see the big blue bag, you’ll know it’s me. And you better just keep on walking and pretend you don’t know me.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Nice! I never thought of flemishing the rope, just that extra bit of service we are always in awe of.