Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Thursday Odyssey

Today at Homer's, once you got there, through the snow and traffic, it was easy. Dr P and John set up top ropes on the Big Central icicle and on the slab on the east side. Everyone climbed with great style but truly the day was all about fashion.

The boys were melting the ice with their hot climbing techniques and then it was my turn, They noticed I was not wearing my signature red jacket; instead I had donned a maroon sweater that matched John's climbing tools, the ones that Mel has determined will someday be hers. It was a look. The Pit Bulls were grabbing the ice just fine, I have yet to utilize those nice heel spikes. So many feature on these new crampons, Thanks Dr. P. I also used John's new Black Diamond Reactors. Leashless is nice as you can rest and shake out you hands; better make sure that pick is stuck good or it might fall. I wouldn't fall, as I was roped (yep, a big epiphany. It is Epiphany you know, church ladies know these things.)

Dr. P and John dry tooled, traversing to the right and to the left, it was impressive and though chilly in the slot, we were out of the wind and quite comfortable, especially since John zipped me into the biggest puffy coat I have ever seen, and velcro-ed a big hood over my head and around my face muffling my constant chatter. (it's a conspiracy!) But that's ok, I was nice and warm and it matched my boots. These boys can expect a call from my husband if they continue to spoil me like this.

Now you are thinking, wow, it sounds like everyone looked great! Where are the photos, Lisa!? Sadly our photographer was not present. We missed him greatly. We climbed the slab for him. There was a little more ice on it, still thin, a delicate process. John climbed it daintily. Dr. P climbed it with precision. I climbed it with much grunting.

The boys bantered often about who was "the man" I think towards the end, they decided it was me, but then Nora showed up, she might have taken the title after I left. Nora and I agreed I would do first shift, she was on second. There is a time clock on the tree. "Afternoon, Nora."
Nora! I like the green fleece but I also liked the leopard print. Dang, where are the photos?

The drink of the day? Well, Hot Jello and green tea. Yum. Might be even better with some Jack in it. Donde esta Ricardo?

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