Saturday, December 12, 2009

What, Women Can Climb Too?

This was a stunner to me:

Women possess some physical and mental advantages that make them as good if not better than the men, says Hansen. “They are able to remain calmer in the high-adrenaline type situations. The ladies I would take out guiding were always calmer. The men had that macho attitude. If they couldn’t do it they would get mad.

“It was 10 to one, men to women. Now what I am seeing is 50/50,” observes Ted Hansen, a longtime climbing guide... He remembers a decade ago when the women he guided were the girlfriends of men who wanted to try rock climbing. Today women are learning to climb on their own and buying their own equipment.

Women are actually buying things on their own? The world is spinning too fast. Please let me off.

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Lisa said...

Well, that is just ridiculous, I would never by my own gear. I don't have room to fill my little head with such things. I always rely on the kindness of stranger, Strange men that is.