Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Take A Second Look

I did this once too:

“I started up my warm-up, and for the first time I believe I’ve ever done this in almost 18 years of climbing, I forgot to put draws on my harness, reaching the second clip only to discover—surprise!—I had no draws to hang. Fabulous. I downclimbed to the first bolt, took, and lowered to the ground to start again, this time with draws on my harness.”

It’s a little unnerving but memorable. She has lots of stories on her blog about her climbing trip to Red River Gorge, where she spent – I think – more than a month. If you start reading her blog at the bottom of the page here, you’ll get lots of info about her training program and the length of her hair. (Length of my hair has never been a big concern of mine. It grows and then I cut it. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later.)

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