Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Kiting

Hey it's a blast! Several of you Rockers have said this is the winter you want to start kiting. I think with all the snow coming you picked a good one! I would love to introduce you to the sport but am limited by my gear. Yes kiting is expensive and the gear needs to fit you personally to work safely. I have several kites all sized for different speeds of winds but not two of the same to be able to ride with you at the same time. Lisa has used my trainer kite and it's good for basic starting but you can't really ride with it. Of course riding is what it's all about. That said I have inside information on two affordable intro to kiting sessions coming up. They will be offered through UM St Cloud and be on Mil Lacs. If you're interested in learning or giving it a try contact Evan at this email,  outdoor_endeavors – at - stcloudstate.edu Of course UM Duluth has a super program also in place and provides all the gear. Here's their page.  If you have any questions feel free to get hold of me. I like kiting so much I don't even buy my season passes to Welch anymore. Here’s a story by Stephen Regenold in the Star Tribune about his experience last winter.

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