Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Carpe Tomorrow’s Diem

Do you think, like I do, “I’ll do that fun activity later when I will have more time?” And then find you don’t really have more time later?

For once, social scientists have discovered a flaw in the human psyche that will not be tedious to correct. You may not even need a support group. You could try on your own by starting with this simple New Year’s resolution: Have fun ... now… when people were asked to anticipate how much extra money and time they would have in the future, they realistically assumed that money would be tight, but they expected free time to magically materialize.”

There’s a term for that now  - “resource slack” – and we aren’t very good at judging it.  The article quoted above, also talks about how we tend to not visit landmarks in our own city until we have out of town visitors. And how people allow gift certificates to expire without using them.

More here.

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