Monday, December 28, 2009

Lisa Gets New Crampons & We Use Them At Homer’s

Lisa is filling out her ice climbing gear rack. Today she got new crampons – with heel spurs for heel hooking (cool, huh?) – and 3 of us went to Homer’s to try them out.

The ice was thin; there is one almost full-height icicle on the left side. There is still running water down the middle. Lots of chandelier ice. Some pretty good, soft ice too but not full-height.

We also just had to climb the slabby rock/ice buttress that’s down to the right in the canyon. So we did. It was mostly hooking teeny, tiny pits in the soft sandstone rock with Johnnie Mac’s new ice tools. And then setting the tippy, tip, tips of the front points on the crampons and standing up. Repeat. We were having so much fun, that we had to kick a couple of other climbers out of there.

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