Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let me explain, just once.

People often inquire " Do you guys climb everyday"? The answer is "no, that would be crazy".
But now I have been asked, "So you guys never get injured"? The answer to that is, "sometimes a little, but the only injuries that stop us from climbing, were not sustained while climbing" for example, I fell running last night ( I am ok, thanks for asking) Richard hurt his knee running, requiring surgery.( He was back before you could blink) I pulled my shoulder doing yoga. (slowly recovering thanks for asking). The truth is, if am and sore or I strained something, the shot of endorphins and adrenaline I get from climbing makes me feel better.
I also would like to admit that some days are better than others. If you climb alot some days will be just plain substandard, but that ok. I win when I show up. Anything to add Ricardo?

Ricardo sez:

It’s way more likely I’ll get hurt driving to the gym that when I’m at the gym. Or walking down stairs. Or using a machete to cut carrots.

About two years ago, I did a lot of bouldering on small crimpy holds and campus boarding (it’s a lot like water boarding but you don’t need a towel when you’re done.) I got tennis elbow from using the same type of crimpy holds so frequently. So now I try to balance out big hold climbs with slopers and with overhangs and with drinking a beer. (Plus, I’m not that good, so that helps too.)


wed wing won said...

But that was, of course, before you got turned back into Super Man.

j6robinson said...

not that good? pleeze!