Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here’s Jen At VE

I’ve been using my new HD video camera and my new editing software and I’ve learned:

  • I can get software for a low price that does way more stuff than I will ever have time to learn.
  • Every time I buy some new stuff, I have to buy other stuff to keep up with what I just bought; i.e. I realize I now have to buy a new computer if I really want to utilize my new camera and editing software. Que sera, sera.

Here is a video – without any audio – of Jen climbing one of her challenge routes. It’s a little jumpy because I need a new computer. Drats. But it is HD.


amy said...

That's how they get you - just like scuba gear and climbing shoes! Fun watching Jen, though.

Jennifer said...

After watching the video I have no idea why I couldn't
grasp on to that last hold. I must try it again!

Oh Richard I think the video is a great learning tool.

Lisa said...

I know exactly what you are saying Jen, I felt the same when I watched the video called " Lisa waffles at last hold Needlessly" that wasn't it. But it coulda been!