Friday, October 9, 2009

New Altitude Record

A report from the Karakorum Range in Pakistan:

“For paragliding Ramon went up to around 7600m and has the new paramotor altitude world record. I flew at 6711m with paramotor and at 6600m on paragliding without oxygen. This flight was very scary because we didn't take oxygen and I suffered the effects of strong hypoxia. I could not see anything... according to the GPS track, I went up from 3000 m to 6600m in 11 minutes in a very strong thermal. It was a pretty bad feeling to be blind and flying in between 7000-meter high mountains. Thankfully, everyone came back in one piece. We have been flying super close to huge glacier and into snowing clouds.”

Flying blind? Big deal. Who hasn’t done that on a late Friday or Saturday night just driving home?

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