Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fun With Wet Rocks

Several of you have asked Nora about kayaking and whitewater classes. Here’s what she emailed me today along with a video of her running the St. Louis River outside of Duluth (she’s in the green boat):

The Rapids Riders pool sessions are starting November 1st at the Brooklyn Center pool. Cost is $10. Several of you have expressed a desire to start learning. The easiest way is to start in the pool. I have an extra boat and gear I can bring. Whitewater kayaks are fitted to the person paddling so if you are close to my height and weight you'll do well in my extra boat. about an average to large size. If you're smaller or much larger than me, Midwest rents kayaks and would have a variety of sizes. The pool sessions are unstructured open where you can work on strokes and rolling in a safe environment. Closer to spring we will offer special classes on rolling and safety. There is also a demo night towards spring to try out all the new boats Midwest has in for 2010. I highly recommend taking the Rapids Riders Canoe U course in the spring. More information at Here's a video from a few weeks ago on the Lower St Louis River. Class 4/5.

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