Monday, October 19, 2009

Sitting On A Wall Is Inherently Dangerous

This story is so sad. And so easily prevented. Even after all these years have gone by, it is still a controversial accident.

I have a few questions about this big-wall climber’s actions:

  • Was there a crash pad below? How about a spotter?
  • Was his harness attached and doubled back?
  • Did the harness fit right? (It could be his ovoid shape prevented a proper fit.)
  • Did he use a proper knot?
  • Was his belayer paying attention or just thinking of breakfast?

So climbers pay attention out there. If you don’t want your insides scrambled, be careful where you sit.


Pamela K said...
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Pamela K said...

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,
He didn't get bruised,
He didn't get bumped,
'Cause Humpty Dumpty bungee jumped...

wed wing won said...

humpty dumpty didn't fall. he was pushed it's a conspriacy.
humpty dumpty is eighteenth century slang for a short and clumsy person.

PPM said...

Everyone likes a happy ending.