Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reel Rock Review

Good Stuff.
Movie 1:There was this solo guy, Alex. He climbed Half Dome. Seemed like a nice kid, I wanted his mom to yell at him but I could tell she was tired of that.

Movie 2: Climber guy Stanley was real sad his girlfriend died in a car accident. He and 2 friends went to Patagonia to scatter her ashes. They got a 1st ascent on some peak and then he base jumped off with her ashes in his parachute. His friend Ceder was fun, his other pal does those cool drawings on the Black Diamond website. Weather in Patagonia looks generally bad.

Movie 3: Sharma was hanging in Spain with his girl because he couldn’t get up his project in the desert near Vegas, Mt. Carlton, I think. It was all eating and climbing an probably some kissing but they didn't show that part, Then we cut to competitive climbing world, that training looked tough, scientific and exhausting, a little girl from Austria won, there was a kid from the Czech Republic too, reminded me of Noal. Then we were on Brit Grit Stone, that is just nuts;  solo boy was there so it had to be, Don't expect any leaping belays out of me! Highballing...soloing it's a fine line. Then Sharma took his girl back to his project in the states and finished it. It was 120 degrees out. His girl said "good, now we can get out of this hell" only she said it in Spanish because she is from Spain.


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thanks for the recap, Lisa!

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"I wanted his mom to tell at him, but I could tell she was tired of that.."

Hah! Boy, do I know how that feels!