Monday, October 26, 2009

The Classics

Mountain Project has a list of “Classics” for each of the areas it tracks. For example, at Red Wing, here is the list":

Mountain Project's determination of some of the classic, most popular, highest rated routes for Barn Bluff (Red Wing):

The Perfect Crimb   5.9    

Looking for Lust   5.9    

Micro Balls   5.9+   

Sleeping Bat in a Ziplock Bag   5.10a    

Frequent Flatulence   5.10b    

Barnburner   5.10d    

Annadonia   5.11b    

A Drilling Experience   5.11b  

Roof Burner   5.11   

Doctor Limit   5.11b/c   

Suicide Squeeze   5.11c    

Advanced Birding   5.11+    

Work Ethic   5.11d    

Chinese Freedom   5.11d    

Cyclops   5.12a    

Demystification   5.12a   

Preemptive Strike   5.12b    

Living All Over Me   5.12b   

Mississippi Burning   5.12c    

Paradigm Shift   5.13a  

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For Taylors Falls:

B2 Bomber   V4   

Sonny and Juanita   5.5   

Rose Bush   5.5    

Blue Moon   5.5   

The Other One   5.5    

The Column   5.6    

Keyhole   5.6    

Piece of Cake   5.7   

Piece of Pie   5.8    

Double Cracks a.k.a. Hamburger Crack   5.9    

Good Knight   5.9    

Keyhole Direct   5.9   

Fallen Knight   5.9    

Column Direct   5.9+   

Slicksides   5.9+    

The Real Thing   5.10a    

Number 6 a.k.a. The Bulge   5.10a   

Fancy Dancer   5.11b    

Lunge or Plunge   5.12- V4    

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