Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Virgin River Gorge

On our way from St George, Utah to Las Vegas, we stopped at the Virgin River Gorge to see what some of the hardest climbs in the US looked like.

Here’s a photo of me looking up at the big overhanging wall:

me with arrow


If you zoon in on this photo, you can see all of the quick draws which are just left attached to the bolts. Don’t know if every route has pre-attached quick draws, but it looked like most of them did.

Below is a video of a climb at the VRG. (We didn’t have time to do the 5.14c, so we just did the 5.14a variation. Maybe next time.)



Levi said...

Yea those are called permadraws. There are a lot of permanent quick draws on routes in the gorge. Mostly on high thirteens and fourteens.

Nora said...