Monday, July 11, 2011

What To Do If Your Boyfriend Is Less Of A Climber Than You?

For most couples that I know, the man is more interested in climbing/biking/kayaking/fishing/hunting than the woman. Obviously that’s not true in this woman’s case. Quite a lively discussion here  (It’s mostly men who have made comments to her post; don’t know why that is. Probably because women have more important things to do than read a post on MountainProject. Unlike me.)

I like this exchange of comments:

1st person:

Some women, and it sounds like you might be one, need space to work on their own priorities. I am certainly cut from this cloth. There are plenty of guys that will give you the freedom to do so.”

2nd person:

“You sure about that? I for one would not be down with a girlfriend camping with a bunch of dudes. I've seen the red carpet treatment even remotely attractive girls get on climbing trips.”

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