Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lessons On Persistance

Andrew Bisharat writes about the lessons he learned while attempting to redpoint a route all his friends had already done. This climb happens to be a 5.14, but I think the lessons he learned apply to our projects at any level. Read the whole article here. Here are a few I like:

“Lesson: You tend to compare yourself to others in the fleeting, present moment—a waste of time. The only thing that ultimately matters is how You compare to Yourself in the past. These bearings—not those

Lesson: There’s always something new to learn, whether on your second or 70th time up a route.

Lesson: Find ways to stay encouraged or else you won’t make it.

Lesson: Always try

Lesson: 10 to 20: that’s the ideal number of attempts in redpointing, the target zone for reaching the pinnacle of satisfaction sport climbing can offer.”

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