Monday, July 11, 2011

Smith Rock Accident

Two climbers who had just rappelled to the base of their climb at Smith Rock were knocked off their feet by a person using a rope swing. Looks like one of the climbers was one of our own.
Officials learned the two had climbed Monkey Face, then rappelled to the base. As they gathered their gear, another climber swung on the “rope swing” attached to Money Face -- and while swinging, grabbed a rappel rope previously anchored to the top of the feature, Biondi said.
His momentum caused the rappel rope to move across the rock face, hitting Redmond and Dingemans in the lower legs and causing them to lose their balance and fall, Biondi said.
Witnesses said Redmond fell 10 feet, then rolled another 75 down the hill. Dingemans also fell about 10 feet, then rolled another 20 feet downhill, Biondi said.
One of the climbers is in serious condition, but it looks like both are expected to be ok...

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