Monday, July 11, 2011

Flying Off Cliffs In Switzerland

Steph Davis is frustrated by the National Park Service’s attitude toward BASE jumpers. Not true in Swithzerland

where she is now and says:.
“Europeans have

giant cliffs coming out of their ears, and no prejudices about mountain sports, so they get a huge thumbs up. And a lot of tourist revenue from US jumpers. I suppose base jumpers should be thanking the NPS for petulantly denying all access to America’s biggest cliffs to our user group, as it forces us to travel and see new places, make new friends and taste new foods, all of which are good things.”

Kandersteg from steph davis on Vimeo.

“We are staying in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland right now, one of the best spots on the planet for base jumpers, in a small house in Stechelberg, the Base House. From one of the nicest jumps in the valley, you can literally land in the yard, re-pack, walk 2 minutes to the cable car, ride up to the top of the cliff and do it again. Only Rifle has shorter approaches.”

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