Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buy Cash With Credit And Fly For Free

Want to fly o to one of your favorite climbing destinations but don’t want to pay the airfare? Well, there’s

Jane Liaw Liaw orders coins from the U.S. Mint to earn frequent-flier miles.

a slick way around that. The short version is – you buy dollar coins with a credit card attached to a frequent flyer program, use the coins to pay off your credit card, and accumulate frequent flyer miles. What a great country, huh? Here’s a report from NPR about it. I liked these quotes:

  • “The law requires that more and more coins be minted, despite a lack of demand by the public.”
  • “’I'm not as heavy a hitter as other people, I guess,’ Schlappig says. ‘I've ordered probably, maybe 30 or 40,000 worth.’”

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