Monday, July 11, 2011

Dog Rescued from Mountain

Warning: this story may make your eyes all watery. It sure did for me.

After summitting Mount Ellinor in the Olympics last week, this couple's dog leaped off the side of the mountain after a goat, falling down a sheer cliff. The couple wasn't able to look over to see if the dog was alright, and had no means to rappel down to search for her.  A call came out on Twitter to see if anyone in the area of the Olympic Mountains would be willing to rappel down to see if their dog was ok.

I hadn't heard anything until this article came out today. 

Volunteers from Olympic Mountain Rescue scheduled a 'training mission' and rappelled down to try and locate the dog. She was lying on a ledge on the side of the cliff, with only an injured leg.

Photo: Kitsap Sun

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richard said...

That's a doggone heartwarming story. It's nice to see a happy ending to a dof falling off a cliff story.