Saturday, July 30, 2011

Devil’s Thumb

4 days of waiting for the rain to stop and one day of climbing, gets the Simleys to the top of Devil’s Thumb in Alaska. Or, almost to the top as told by him in this quote:

Touch the top by unroping, getting that “I did it” feeling and hurt my marriage, or turn there, join my wife and comfort her. I contemplated the decision for nearly 10 minutes. Finally, I decided that my marriage is more important than standing on that little chuck of rock, just a little higher than where I was.”

Full story here. (I don’t think when they get home, she’s going to like some of the quotes he attributes to her.)

The video below is just a teaser. But it’ll make your stomach jump a little.

UNCUT - Teaser from Devils Thumb, Alaska from Mark Smiley on Vimeo.

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