Monday, January 23, 2012

Willpower And Fear

The “Warrior’s Way” website has an article about working on your fear of falling.

“Let’s say you’re afraid of falling. You desire to be free of this fear. So, you use your willpower to force yourself to commit to climbing and push the fear out.

This approach doesn’t improve awareness of the skills you lack; it covers up that deficit. You’re interested only in what you want the outcome to be, not what you need to learn. This isn’t aligned with the learning process or with developing awareness.
Being afraid of falling has merit. Don’t ignore it. That fear stops you from taking inappropriate risks. Rather, find ways to gain experience to improve your skills. Do this by practicing falling.”

I read that part and went “Huh?” So it’s bad to use willpower to force yourself to practice falling. But it’s good to practice falling because you’re aware of your fear of falling and part of that fear, is your lack of practice. (At least that’s my understanding of what he said.)

Bottom line, practice falling if you want to get better at being less afraid of it.

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