Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Red Rocks–Part 4

OK, let’s pick some dates and make some reservations. So far, Liz, Pete, Chase and I are ready to go. Looking up Pitch 2 at Shad Mickelberry (following on rope team above) and Ron Graham (leading on second rope team).And I have talked to several others who might want to come. And we are thinking the first week in March – could be a few days on either side depending on airfares and schedules. Again, I think it’s best to figure on at least 4 days just because it takes a day or two to orient yourself and get used to the rock. I also think it’s best to plan a maximum number of weekdays since weekends are busier.

Today, I talked to Ryan and Dan at VE who have been out there a few times. Dan raved about Olive Oil and Birdland. He also thought Solar Slab would be fun. The last time Dan was there, it was in January and he said they climbed in long sleeves all the time and looked for routes in the sun, but they stayed warm. And, it was very busy at the sport climbing areas nearest the road. In January!.

I have been watching airfares and they are always around the $320 amount.

Pete and I talked about trad gear today, and between the two of us, we have plenty. (I am still going to buy some more, because, as you know, a gal can never have too many accessories.)

I have been asked about my role in this trip and what would be expected of others. I don’t want to be a guide leading people up routes. I do want to do some trad climbs and would like climbing partners who are comfortable at least doing lead belays and rappels. Swapping leads would be icing on the cake. Also, if you want to start leading or do some “easy” routes to get more practice, there are plenty of opportunities. We can help each other, provide some instruction and lots of gear. (There are whole areas with several “starter” lead climbs that look like they’d be fun.)

I expect we’ll do many sport climbs as well as several multi-pitch trad routes. Depends on weather and how fit we feel. I don’t think anyone has any specific “must-do” climbs, so we can certainly be flexible.

I assume that people will have slightly different schedules. But we should coordinate schedules so we have at least one other climbing partner while we’re out there.

So what’s the best way to arrange all this? Let me know.

(Part 1 of our Red Rock trip planning is here, part 2 is here, part 3 is here.)

PS, If it rains so we can’t climb for a day, we can always do something fun like this:

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