Monday, January 30, 2012

Poll On Fear

You have a chance of winning a helmet for skiing if you respond to this poll on what scares you the most. (Probably my biggest fear is entering an online poll; but you’re braver than I am.)

I like this quote from the polling guy:

“And because I love canyons so much, I find myself getting into them over and over again,

slots and slits and tight ones, dark ones, creepy-earth-caving-in ones, and though I’ve never had a full-on panic attack, I’ve had to muster every bit of calm and strength and willpower possible to get through certain situations. I once got myself into a one-way slot in the San Raphael Swell with a fairly big group of friends. The crux was about 200 yards of sideways shuffling in complete darkness between sandstone walls 12 inches apart, with someone ahead and someone behind. I pushed through because there was no other option.”

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