Sunday, January 29, 2012

Climbing Mt Kenya

Not as high as Mt Kilimanjaro - which is about 200 miles south – it’s still quite a mountain. It’s probably a little easier if you have porters carrying and fixing the food, like this climber did:

Our first camp deep in the bamboo was at 8,530ft (2,600m). Fires were lit, tents pitched and prepping began for the three-course evening meal. Huge vats of water were boiled…

Afterwards, we all sat around the fire. To welcome us the Kikuyu sang and danced to the ‘Jambo Bwana’ song (jambo meaning hello). A wave of horror spread among us as we realised we were supposed to reciprocate. My tentmate, Katie, took control, falling back on a song from her Girl Guide days: She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain.”.

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