Friday, January 13, 2012

“Really? That Seems Dangerous” Smileys On El Cap

As he’s attempting the King Swing on El Cap, she says to him, “Really? That seems dangerous.” What a rush that must be!. Here’re the Smileys on their October 2011 climb of El Cap;

It is hard work. From their blog:

“Plan B, the next morning we got up at 3:30AM and were at the base of the route at 4:30. Most parties climb the first four pitches, to Sickle ledge, then haul their bags to that point from the ground. Then the next day jug those lines and continue. Not wanting to get caught up in the mess of the lower pitches we decided to haul our bags from the first pitch up and just keep going. Those lower pitches were tough hauling. It is lower angle and our "pig" weighted about 120lbs, punishing work.

Details here.

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