Thursday, January 12, 2012

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door At VEM

Jen showed up today for a rare cameo appearance. It was great she could make it. So she climbed with us - Liz, Killer, Genevieve and Pete - today at VE Mpls.  Here’s a photo of Jen and The Killer leading routes in the canyon. The Killer was climbing on the disco ceiling and it looks like she’s knockin’ on heaven’s door.

IMG_0028This is a close-up of Miriam on the ceiling. I climbed the ceiling too and it’s a little scary ‘cuz you’re all alone up there and it’s dark.


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Marianna said...

Seriously! I feel like the sick kid watching my buddies through the window, playing and having a ball! CAN'T WAIT to get back to fightin' & climbin' form!! As for red rocks, we'll have to see what all my MDs say this week...
Happy Climbs!
Marianna/ Slasher/ etc etc