Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who Wants To Climb In Vegas?

I want to get some people together to climb in Red Rocks late Feb or early March of 2012. (I am trying to avoid the crowds of Easter/Spring break.)

Here are some reasons to go to Red Rocks:

  • You can win back the money you spent on your trip before you even leave the airport.
  • It’s Vegas., baby

    Beautiful Red Rock

  • What you climb in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
  • There are tons of easy-to-access sport climbs of all ratings. The routes I saw were all well bolted and fun. And easy to get to. There are even some multi-pitch sport climbs too. (Do a search here under the heading “Best routes for YOU in this area” to see what I mean.)
  • There are tons of moderate trad multi-pitch climbs. Hondo and I did a climb with one of the longest approaches and it took us a little over an hour to get to the base. That is a very long approach for Red Rocks and unusual.
  • You can climb until 5PM and be pigging out at a $15 buffet before 6PM.
  • You can camp at Red Rocks or stay very cheaply in a hotel. Hondo and I paid $40/night for a clean room with two queen beds. (I can sleep in a queen bed because I am confident in my masculinity.)
  • Airfares are quite reasonable.
  • Temps in Feb are in the 60s; temps in March get up to the 70s.
  • It’s Vegas, baby.
  • I will do my Elvis impression every night or until you beg me to quit.

Please call me or email if you have at least a little interest. I think a group of 4-6 would be about right. And plan on a minimum of 4 days. You can have fun in fewer than that, but I think that’d be preferred. It’s also better if we can visit during the week - fewer climbers. (I don’t think that’s a big deal though at that time of year.) And if you only want trad or only sport, that’d be great. If you wanted to do both, better yet. 

PS I am also interested in Potrero Chico in Mexico. That would be all  sport climbing with many multiple pitch climbs to choose from. A downside is the plane ticket price – I checked prices for next Feb – which is about $750.(Flying from here to Monterrey.)

Lisa’s son Levi is going to Potrero soon, so I am anxious to hear his report. Average temps in Feb are 72 for days and 5os for nights, so it is warmer than Vegas.

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