Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WTF; That’s Not How I look At It

OK, I know all about “blooming where you’re planted.” And I think it’s a really good idea, since we live where winters are long and cold, that we should work at enjoying them. And Little Miss Lisa, did that last weekend by camping out in her handmade tent in Grand Marais. So she truly is having a “WTF” – Winter That’s Fun.

And I promise I will try to wring all that is grand and glorious from winter this year: crisp snowfalls that ache to be skied on, ice that squeaks when you set your ice axe into it, sun that glistens from the fresh flakes. I will try. I Promise. But I will still break out in song when we get that first 65 degree day in March (I hope! More likely, it’ll be April.)

imageAnyway, here are some photos of Lisa’s WTF. Remember, I am saying “Winter, That’s Fun” not the other nasty “WTF” (Winters That are Frigid)  trip to Grand Marais.

This is her homemade tent with her homemade stove that she can feed from the comfort of her sleeping bag. (I like to turn the thermostat up from the comfort of my motel room.)

Here she captured three UFOs at imagesunset just outside the harbor of Grand Marais.

Here are two of her homemade packs (Will she ever stop making stuff and help the poor, struggling retailers of outdoor gear out? Nope.)


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