Wednesday, November 30, 2011

VEM Photos

2011-11-30 11.37.54We have a new (unofficial) policy – hug Greg whenever you see him. I caught him and Hondo hugging this morning. See for yourself. Is that a smooch? Hmmmm….


Here is Lisa doing another of her amazing flexible moves as she checks out the cave paintings in the cave on the natural wall.

2011-11-30 09.48.52

Here she is blown away by the beauty of the cave art. 2011-11-30 09.52.28

Girls, I bought a new chalk bag that has disco mirrors on it so you can check your makeup and hair before you climb. Here is Lisa freshening up. (She got a lot of chalk in her hair and that’s the white you see.) So be sure you climb with me if you want to look your freshest.

2011-11-30 09.53.29

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