Monday, November 7, 2011

More VEM

It felt a little silly for this suburban gal to drive right past VE- St. Paul and on too the dark... on Saturday night....alone... Jez how bold is that!?
Well, i found it fine, there was lots of parking, my son was there (hardly ever see him) and Jen showed up.
WoW what a place, it is Be U tiful! all shiny and new.I even got a tour form staffer Emily and then another one form Pat and the Russell showed me around. Lots of wall that go way up and straight up, lots of comfortable leads for me to enjoy. Had to set a different pace with routes this long.
Then we went to the Bad Waitress with Jen, Sarah, Russell and Suki for a beer. What a great crew, lively conversation. Thanks ALL. I will be back, I clocked it on the way home, it's only a 30 minutes drive. I can justify that easily.

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richard said...

Good for you for driving so far. And all at night too. I will not leave the house at night. Which makes winter kinda long.