Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Behind The Wall

At VE Mpls today, I got to work behind the wall installing T nuts. I got to climb with people I know (The fabulous Fabrice) and I got to work the front counter. As well as sweep, mop and dust. Truly multi-tasking.

Oh, and I got to help jack up a scissors jack that was stuck in the rubber and put pieces of wood underneath it so we could drive it out. (This is where Ron’s and Aaron’s skills would have been helpful.) Oh, oh, oh, I almost forgot - then I got to practice escaping a belay using a Klemheist.

2011-11-08 11.24.08



Here’s what I look like behind the wall:


Here’s what T nuts look like from the backside:

2011-11-08 11.24.38

(Remember, before the T nut is installed with 3 screws for each nut, a hole was drilled on the front side using two different bits. Then the holds can be screwed into the T nuts so climbers can have fun.)

2011-11-08 11.25.09

Here I am about 30 feet up a 60 foot wall, hanging from a rope so I can put the screws in the T nuts. (The light you see in the lower right hand part of the photo, is on the floor below me.)

This is super fun because it’s uncomfortable, dark, dirty and I get to use the 3 Hs – harness, helmet and headlamp.

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