Thursday, November 3, 2011

VEM Update Part Quatro

2011-11-03 10.23.382011-11-03 13.31.16The new Mpls VE opened today – Thursday – at 10AM. Some of the regulars were there early to capture first ascents. Here’s Miriam on one of the new top ropes. Here she is being lowered down one of the tall leads she did

. 2011-11-03 11.25.31

Here’s Liz starting one of the tall lead routes. 2011-11-03 11.32.24


Here’s Miriam near the top of a different lead route. 2011-11-03 12.09.51


Elizabeth said...

Woohoo! It was so much fun. :) We'll be back tomorrow.

Marianna's Musings said...

Hi Richard! Nice blog, Liz & Miriam just told me about it yesterday... was clueless to it until then. Fun video links from previous posts too! Thanks!