Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wool Pants

Here’s a review of wool pants for winter wear by the Gear Junkie. On quite a few mountain trips – 2 of them 3 weeks long – I used a pair of wool mailperson’s pants that I bought in a surplus store. They were lightweight, very wind proof, warm, dried fast and much tougher than any poly pants I’ve ever had. But I lost them.

This summer, I bought a pair of surplus wool army pants from this place. (I paid about $30.) I used them on my canoe trip and they were super fab. Very tough, very warm - even though I was constantly walking in the water - and windproof. I think they’ll be excellent for this winter’s ice climbing. (Although, I have my eye on these for ice climbing. Whadda ‘ya think? They’re Italian so they’re very stylish.)

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