Sunday, November 22, 2009

This Is Refreshing

Andrew Skurka has done many long solo backpack trips – including a solo backpack trip from Duluth to Ely in the winter. He’s now planning a 4,500-mile ski, trek, and packraft trip around Alaska and the Yukon for 2010. I found this statement about his upcoming trip refreshing:

“Although there is an opportunity to, I do not wish to associate this expedition with a particular cause (e.g., sustainable energy or nature deficit disorder) because my personal experiences and the experiences of others have shown that, regardless of one's sincerity, it tends to be an ineffective and distracting effort. I've essentially concluded that if I really wanted to advance a cause, I would have much more of an impact by working for that cause or finding a conventional job and donating my income. Neither of these options sound more appealing than the GAYL. Plus, I've discovered that it's somewhat liberating to say that I'm doing this expedition because, in essence, I can and want to -- I think I'll be a better person for it. This desire for personal enrichment is at the root of every successful expedition anyway.”

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