Thursday, November 5, 2009


This week I have been thinking about a couple of things. Thought I would share.

  1. When Richard told me that there would be no more takes in my life, just falls, I was surprised and nervous but after what seemed like a couple of thousand falls, fear of falling was not in the front of my mind so much and I started to enjoy some success and challenged myself with some more difficult projects. When on a project it is nice to have a take now and them to work things out. But it is like a CRUTCH. I found myself up on the arch being gutless today, even though I fell off it 100 times in the last few weeks. Jeez. I will start again next week. No more takes, just falls.
  2. Focused flow, and stay in it. I read about that in the article posted previously by the amputee climber, inspiring, take a look at it.
  3. Efficiency, no wasted movements. It saves energy and frustration, I have even extended this thought to the rest of my life and it helps quite a bit, even in my yoga practice.
  4. And last but not least. Even when you think it's not about the feet, it's about the feet. LOOK DOWN THERE!
  5. ok, one more thing... ladies, please continue to dress appropriately. I know breasts just seems to get in the way while climbing but if you let "the gals" run wild, it is very distracting to our men friends.


wed wing won said...

yes it is very distracting. but my main concern is your comfort. if you need to unleash "the gals" then i will just have to buck up and put up with the distraction don't by any means let us men get in the way of your needs and comforts. and i speak for all men. if you have a problem with any of them let me know and i will have a talk with them about the matter.

Lisa said...

Thanks Ron, I will let you know if the gals need a talking to!!! HAha.