Monday, November 30, 2009

Send Richard to School

I am collecting funds to send Richard to this school, I will belay you for $1 or clean your house for $250. You can see what my preference is. What fun! I would go but I am dog sledding that weekend.

Serac Adventure Film School

When: Jan 25, 2010
LIVE IT and FILM IT in the Colorado Backcountry!

Join Serac Adventure Films at the 2010 Colorado Backcountry Film School and make your own adventure film. The film school runs from January 25-February 2, 2010 and registration is open now. Click here for the application form.

The Colorado High Country in the heart of winter is a sublime environment and a perfect place for making adventure films. How do you keep your fingers warm and your camera running in these conditions? The High Country is full of surprises, it can be pleasantly warm in the sun, brutally cold and windy or just snowing like it will never end. It really is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Exciting aspects of this adventure:

* Camp in the snow for a night. We set up tents in a spectacular snowy meadow at 11,000 ft. You might be surprised how comfortable the snow can be if you have the right skills and equipment.
* Two nights in a rustic back country cabin - it even has a sauna.
* Classes beyond filmmaking, (great subjects for films)
* Avalanche Safety Instruction with guide Tim Brown
* Snow meteorology with Colorado Powder Forecast Creator Joel Gratz
* Backcountry skills with NOLS instructor Phil Henderson

More information on this opportunity is available here.


Ben said...

so you are trying to send Richard to a cabin in paradise so he can relax in a sauna!?

Ill help you get him there!

Lisa said...

YES! What is your pledge? Do I have to clean your dorm room or do you want a belay?

Ben said...

i wan a belay!
maybe two!

Ryan said...

Please let Richard know that we'd be thrilled to have him on the course! For more info, including a detailed itinerary, go here: