Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Antarctic Explorations

Now that the summer is starting in Antarctica, there are many trips to choose from – climbing, skiing, even running.

Like this marathon:

Join the most unusual 'Marathon Race' in the world. Run over a groomed snow track around the mountains by Patriot Hills base camp. Refreshment, warm-up stations, and guides and medics on snowmobiles will support you.”

Running the marathon is only $16K from Punta Arenas, Chile. Or, for something more strenuous and a little less reasonably priced, you can arrange a climb in Queen Maud Land.

The problem is the crowds:

With tourism still growing along the Antarctic Peninsula groundings and tourist ships stuck in ice are becoming an annual happening.”

Plus, if you get stuck in the ice - like this ship - you might have to spend an extra coupla days eating from the ship’s vast buffet. Which would be a shame. 

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